Google Bro

It was like 9:40 AM. on the busy street of Barcelona, a young lady of 24 was staring her  Iphone and walking in hurry. Suddenly, she stroked with me and dropped her handbag along with some official papers, fortunately she saved her phone. Restlessly she told ‘I am sorry, I was with my Google Bro to find out my new working place’ and without wasting any further time she picked up her papers and started her journey with her Google Bro.

Google bro


It was not her charming face that was attracting me but her utterance, Google Bro. Undeniably, Google is being the most and most dear Bro of all . With whom we share our joys? with whom we share the problems? with whom we ask the questions? with whom we get angry?  Definitely the answer is GOOGLE BRO. Google itself is not the one who answers the question but it shows the most appropriate matters for your search term depending on various search engine optimization facts.



Let’s talk how Google is making people happy. Your girlfriend got pimples, what you do is ask Google, how to remove pimples ?? You will find thousands of answers from forums, wikihow etc. Choose and analyse appropriate method, you happy, your girlfriend happy. :).  You lost your job, ask Google, Find Job. You will get millions of vacancy’s. Apply on maximum possible, sooner or later job will caught you. Again Happy :). Confused about where to go for holiday, ask ,Best holiday destination, you will get millions of suggestion from millions of people around the world sharing their ideas. Grab wisely keeping attention on your pocket weight. Again Happy :).  You are hungry, ask ,I am hungry, Order your meal, delivery man knocks your door. Again Happy :). You are single, or you want to marry, or you want the partner, ask Google Bro, I need a partner. You will find tips to get partner, places to get partner, social media to search partner, whatever you like. Again Happy 🙂mac-459196_1280

Google not only makes people happy. Sometimes it makes us more confused and doll. With the increasing number of internet users, you can find a lot of false news, spam, malwares and wrong things. As internet is the open, non-regulated place, whoever can put whatever they like. Any monkey can be a photographer and any dumb can be the author over internet. Be sagacious, and separate out the oil from water.


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