Self Image

There isn’t anything noble about being superior to another person.True nobility is in being superior to the person you once were.  Ziad K. Abdelnour

I am 26 and was unknown by the term self-image. I have never heard the term before jumping to this incredible book Psycho Cybernetics. However, we all human beings somehow are familiar handling this self-image knowingly, unknowingly or vaguely but might not knew it’s power. By understanding your self-image and by learning to modify it and manage to suit your purposes, you gain incredible confidence and power.


Whether we realize it or not, each of us carries within us an image of ourselves. It may be vague but it is somewhere there, inside us. This self image is our own conception of the ‘sort of person I am.’ It has been built up from our own beliefs about ourselves. These kind of beliefs about ourselves have unconsciously been formed from our past experiences, our success and failures, our humiliations, our triumphs and the way other people reacted to us, especially in the childhood. From all these we mentally construct our self image. We do not go towards it’s validity, but proceed to act upon it just as if it were true.

For eg: A child who was scolded by his father after failing the exam with the words like ‘You are dumb, you can’t do nothing, you are a zero etc’ is more likely to have his self image negative in comparison with the another child who went to the fortune teller and got the words like ‘ you are extra ordinary, you can do whatever you like, your fate shows you will be successful person etc.’


Self Image can be modified by yourselves believing on the ability on you. You can change the way of viewing yourself by being strong and confident on yourself. It depends on the creativeness of yourself. After getting adequate self image the behaviour works like the servo-mechanism.

It will work automatically and impersonally to achieve goals of success and happiness, or unhappiness and failure, depending upon the goals you set for it. Present it with ‘ success goals’ and it functions as a ‘success mechanism.’ Present it with negative goals, and it operates just a impersonally and just as faithfully as a ‘ Failure Mechanism.’ In short, the goals you attempt to convey to this mechanism are filtered through the self’image, and if they are inconsistent with the self-image, they are rejected or modified. By discovering how to alter your self-image, you end its conflict with your goals.

face-66317_1280Thus, we need to understand our inner working and update our self image by the means of learning, practising and experiencing new habits of thinking,imagining, remembering and acting in order to develop an adequate and realistic self-image which will guide us to the success mechanism rather than failure mechanism.

Source:- The New Psycho-cybernetics by Maxell Maltz


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